Jitneys (club games) start at 6:00 pm sharp so arrive a half hour in advance and get your tag in before socializing. If you’re running late, phone the club at 613-213-2281 and ask someone to put your tag in for you.  Unsure of the weather??   Check your email before leaving home or  phone the club to check if play will be on....there will be an email sent for those with an email address as well as a voice mail message put on the club phone by 5:00 pm IF play is cancelled.  


Monday nights we play  women's teams and men's teams.  Thursday nights we play with mixed teams, combination of men & women on the same team.  Newcomers are assigned the Lead position on the team. Skips and Vices are experienced bowlers who will be there to help you.   Teams are drawn at 5:45 pm so please make sure your name is in if you want to play.


The team whose bowls are closest to the jack scores points which the Skip records on a card. The game is usually finished by 8:30 pm. Later in the season, when it’s darker sooner, the lights are turned on.

Attend as often as it suits your schedule.








4-3-2-1     Wednesdays


Everyone welcome starting May 27th at 1O:00 AM - 12:00PM and every Wednesday thereafter.  This is an excellent way to get some practice in a fun setting. When you arrive, put your name on a card and record your own score.

SCORING:  4 points shot bowl, 3 points for second, 2 points for third and 1 point for fourth.

Each bowler uses 4 bowls, alternating turns.  Winners after each four ends advance to the next green.  This way you get to meet and play with many members of the club.  This game challenges your skills, and helps your bowling abilities improve.  A good game for both the Novice and experienced players alike.

Attend as often as your schedule permits.  









One afternoon a week a group of over twenty adults with special needs meets at our club to learn the game of lawn bowling.   These people are brought to the club by their leaders and are clients from the Brockville Area Community Living Association, the Assertive Community Treatment Team - Dually Diagnosed, and the Leeds and Grenville Group.  A group of volunteers from our club give coaching and encouragement to these people.  We are so pleased to watch them as they improve their bowling skills from week to week, but we especially enjoy watching them as they improve their interpersonal skills.  It's always great to see them clapping and cheering when a team-mate makes a good shot.  They are also becoming more organized and remember what they learn from week to week.  At the end of September, we have a "pizza and pop" party to celebrate the summer fun.